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Signs Your Loved One is Possessed

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 25 Jan 2021 | comments*Discuss
Possession Spirit Releasement

There is a school of psychotherapy, an extremely unconventional school it has to be admitted, which holds that many of the disturbances in behaviour patterns which are commonly accepted as being signs of mental illness are in fact something very different. Rather than being mentally ill, they believe that many disturbed people are possessed; possessed by the spirits of dead people who for some reason have lingered on earth and not made the journey to the “other side.”

Possession by foreign spirits, it is said, can also result in behavioural changes which are more subtle - not so gross as to warrant accusations of mental illness, but still serious enough to be disruptive to those living around or with the possessed person. It is believed that, in general, the possessing spirits do not take complete control of the person affected, but exert a subtle behind-the-scenes influence, gradually warping the life and world-view of their victim.

Signs of Possession

Typical signs of possession are said to include: abrupt mood swings, depression, anxiety, impetuous or impulsive behaviour, the excessive use of drugs or alcohol, and the appearance of some new physical ailment which has no obvious cause. Hearing voices in the head is another potential alarm-bell, as is the emergence of memory problems. So, if your partner exhibits sudden, unexplained changes in behaviour, who knows – he or she may have been possessed!

According to the psychiatric practitioners who specialise in Spirit Releasement therapy, as it is called, the vast majority of possessing spirits are not evil. They are not demonic. They are simply distressed. In fact, most do not even know that they are dead. Perhaps death came abruptly to them, and they simply have not grasped what has happened to them. They attempt to go on living their earthly life and find a body to inhabit which will allow them to do so.

It seems that almost anyone is vulnerable to this form of possession. Those who work around the dead and dying; and those whose sense of self is diminished by drugs, alcohol, or depression, are said to be particularly at risk, however.

Depossession Treatment

The solution, in most cases, is to make the possessing spirit aware of what has happened to it; that it is dead and, rather than linger on the earthly plane, it should journey on “into the light” of whatever exists beyond. This process is referred to as “depossession” or “dispossession” or “spirit releasement.” Typically, a spirit releasement therapist will induce a hypnotic trance in the patient then attempt to speak to the possessing spirit directly, encouraging it to leave.

Dr. Edith Fiore, one of the more noted practitioners of this form of therapy, quotes in her book The Unquiet Dead the example of one of her patients who was about to undergo a sex-change operation. He had engaged in cross-dressing for the previous nine years and, although he was a married heterosexual, had become more and more unhappy with his male body. He had consulted other therapists who told him that he was suffering from “gender dysphoria” and was advised to undergo a sex change operation. Realising that this might mean the end of his marriage and career, he nonetheless felt impelled to go ahead with it anyway. His wife persuaded him to try spirit releasement therapy, however, and he agreed to do so.

After the induction of a hypnotic trance, the therapist concluded that he had been possessed by the spirit of a woman. She urged the spirit to leave the man’s body and progress on to the next realm of existence. After some persuasion, she did just that. The man felt liberated, newly confident in his masculinity. He abandoned plans to undergo a sex-change and resumed happily married life with his wife.


Although spirit releasement therapy is scorned by mainstream science, it does appear to have offered dramatic benefits to some of those who have undergone its treatment. Whether this is because of a placebo effect or not can no doubt be debated, but those willing to explore unconventional approaches may find it helps them where conventional therapies have failed.

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I noticed a big change in my girlfriend and I can only think something dark is attached to her. About 2 years ago she seemed so full of life her house was very cozy and welcoming.After about 2mo in she asked me to move in. Soon later she explained to me how spiritual she is and how she can communicate with people which she called spirit walkers. Soon later we had separated for about 2 months. She had called me out of the blue to come over. So I did. When I walked in the house I noticed the house seemed cold and smelled of weeks old dirty cat litter and wet dog. It seemed as if no one in the house had been down stairs and the animals had taking over the house. Her two younger children one was 14 at the time the other 20. Had not come out of they're rooms. It turns out my ex had been yelling and arguing with her self for weeks. Plants were all dead dirty dishes piled up I couldn't believe what I had witnessed . It broke my heart. I tried my best to help. The more I cleaned the worse it got. It got so bad. It made me do things I am not proud of like became aggressive with her. She would be little me yell at me it got so bad I tried to comment suicide and she would sit there laughing at me. I would pray and she would get angry the only time she was nice if she needed something like money to buy drugs. She said it was the only thing that kept her in communication with what she was dealing with. And she called it work. I could never talk and it was hard for me to come across anything good. I lost my job my two kids and if anything good was about to happen the worse she got so it never did happen. It hurts me see the woman I once loved this way. And to top it off I find out she has been secretly in love with another man that is currently in prison.
val - 25-Jan-21 @ 11:22 AM
My husband has been acting strange for a lot of years. It started when he had a near death exsperience since then when he is injured or ill he turns into a very unplecent person. I even believe I know who the spirite is. His old friend that died suddenly. I try to fix with sage and compation. Cheers Kerry.
Kessa - 7-Aug-20 @ 10:52 AM
Im sorry to be making this so long,this is continued page 3,,The bag in the closet was tied at the top and it looked familiar and wasnt there before when I was looking for the fireworks ,,sure enough there they were,,Paul still didnt believe me,,very frutsrating,,I think its possible his son and friends broke into the closet,,or it was a poltergeist?,hows that possible?I dont know Another very disturbing incident happened one day after paul got home from a couple days at his cabin it was mid day and he was in his girl clothes and wig crawling on floor going forwards and backwards banging his head into the furniture trying to get up but couldnt and tried getting on the bed also and counldnt manage that either,,this went on and on for hours. hed fall asleep for several minutes or a half hour and start doing his crawing all over again He seemed blinded and he did not respond to me when I talked to him and when I waved my hand in front of his face he didnt see me ..This was a major stressful horrible experience and just wreaked my nerves to no end ,,i didnt know what to do,,I left a few times just to collect myself it was out of control he wass banging his hands on the floor and babbled and grunted but made no sense,,he finally exhaused himself when he woke up in the morning he looked in the mirror saw his bruieses on his face match them to a wooden paddle in the room and accused me of stricking him he showed it to everyone there and was totally convinced i did that to him,,so I told him to call the police so they could do forensics on it and he refused,,I am am still not ok about him believing I would do that,,it so so hurtful to be accused of this crazy stuff by my husband that I love and all I want is for him to think good of me ,,I go way past the extra mile to do everything to help him and please him when hes happy im happy,,Its just one thing or another at this unpredictable mad house,,So maddening ,,my reward is lies and evasive unaccountability,,my emotions are so raw Im dismantled picked apart,,Im the scapegoat ,,The more i did to be nice and helpful and keep the order and functioning, trying to keep the whole existence stable, the more I felt like a target and vunerable Im so glad Im not there anymore, I get cringes when I have to pickmy husband up there its so weird he lives there in a large art studio in the backyard on the same premises that his ex wife lives in the front house,,theyve been divorced for over twentyfive years and paul works just down the street from his house in bayarea and im three hours away,,what a nightmare,,,Could this be a demon thats influencing my husband
dutch diva - 3-Aug-18 @ 8:10 PM
Some of my comment was cut off so Im continuing,,,Another strange thing about all this is that everything that happened was predicted by a relative of Pauls at least six months before my husband moved his ex wife in, and even before that I had been getting the exact same esp or intuition way before Paul even brought up renting the house. Is it possible that evil people that are possessed can have control over other peoples decisions and invade their wills? Or can it be that possessed people can be vunerable to the control of evil peoples manipulation? I was intrigued by your article about spirit releasement therapy. My husbands issue with his wanting to be a woman is simular to your story also.All Pauls family that lives at the house we once lived at have a lot of resentment for his choices to marry me and also are very open about how theyre embaressed by his crossdressing and disfunctional behavior. They even tried to convince Pauls mom as she was dying not to will anything to Paul but to will everything to them instead. That did not happen.Paul did get most of the estate. Paul was furious at their mallicious attempts and now they persuaded Paul into letting them live there and move me out,,It makes no sense. Pauls Mother promised him everything if he stayed with her and take care of her and he honored his commitment to his mother. Can you imagine being on your death bed and these horrible people are turning this sacred departure into a bashing of your son. Its evil sinister manipulation. I read something about these entities in your comments that the possessed victims views and life can become warped. Im also wondering, if maybe since they all lived in that house a long time ago if theyre all possessed. Ive also heard that a haunted house can cause its inhabitants to have an addiction or a very strong desire to return to the house. While living there for four years I was under tremendous anxiety ,I could not sleep unless everyone else was sleeping also,, I even woke up scared to death screaming when Pauls son was standing next to me over the bed. Some of Pauls art has devil faces and horns and very creepy monster heads that are put together from animals bones and teeth he dug up.The feeling I got from these particular pieces did not appeal to me,,It gave me a very dark heavy feeling, There were days the entire house smelled like moldy rotten spoiled food, thick stuffy thick grey air, and the toxic fumes of the lacquer and other products he used. Some of the odors where of very cheap perfume, I had many severe headaches. Fireworks that paul bought came up missing and I was blamed for that for over a year I looked so long for them, Paul believed his son and friends when they said I gave to one of there friends. The craziest thing is one day I was so hurt from paul badgering me about it I decided to pack and leave for a few days and when I went into my locked closet and there was a huge black garbage bag that looked very familiar tied at the t
dutchdiva - 3-Aug-18 @ 7:22 PM
Heavy furniture is always being moved around in my Sons room. During the night. I'm right across the hall and I don't hear a thing. ( despite having very keen hearing ).I will find his dresser for instance inside his closet,facing the back of it,still with all of the drawers full. It takes three of us to move it out of there. ( you can't even empty it first because as I said,it's facing the back ).This is one example which has happened several times.I have gone in a few minutes after him to find his bed completely upside down. He has gone through several beds as they are completely skinned.,right down to the springs ( quickly and quietly ).None of us have ever been physically hurt,but it is very stressful for my Son,and also very expensive to replace things.
Annie - 15-Apr-15 @ 2:50 AM
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