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Signs that Your House is Haunted

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 10 Aug 2021 | comments*Discuss
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It’s a scenario we’ve all seen in Hollywood films. A family moves into a new home excited about the new possibilities it offers, perhaps delighted to have got it at what seemed an unusually low price. Then things begin to go wrong. The family can’t settle. Relationships deteriorate. Something about the new home just seems to give rise to problems. Could it be haunted? Can it happen to you?

In classic ghost tales, spirits tend to manifest themselves visually, appearing dramatically before the bewildered witnesses. Often they are described as staring at the living; or even sometimes ignoring them altogether, performing some action they may regularly have performed in life. But ghosts don’t always make their presence obvious. Sometimes they manifest visually only rarely, or not at all. There can be more subtle signs that your house is haunted, however.

Things to Look For

Pets can often provide the first clue that there is a ghostly presence in your house. For some reason animals often seem to be more attuned to the “other side” than we humans are. If your normally friendly dog appears to be reacting to something you can’t see, growling at something in a particular part of the house, for example, it could be a sign that a ghost is nearby.

Ghosts are often said to create a sense of coldness wherever they go. Many experienced ghost-hunters take thermometers with them so they can measure differences in temperature between one part of a building and another, giving them a first indication of the possible presence of a ghost. If a creepy coldness seems to occur in your house from time to time, particularly if it’s associated with one specific part of the house (for example a room where a now deceased person may once have spent much of their life), and the coldness seems to defy any heating equipment you have installed, it may not just be an insulation problem!

Ghosts are often said to interfere with electrical equipment. Batteries depleting unusually quickly, for example, is something often experienced by dedicated ghost hunters. If this is something you experience in your home, it might be a sign of a ghost.

Objects moving around on their own can be a sign of a haunted house. Some ghosts are mischievous, and some like to play around with objects they used regularly in life. Of course, if you actually see the object flying through the air you’ll know something is amiss! But even if you don’t directly see the object move, and only notice it in its new position after the fact, it may still be a pointer to a paranormal problem. Of course, you may have moved it yourself and forgotten all about it, or someone else in your family may have moved it. If it happens once of twice, it’s probably nothing to get excited about, but if the problem of misplaced objects is something you continually experience in your house, it might well be a sign of a haunting.

Further Investigation

If you do begin to suspect that your house is haunted, what should you do? The best thing is probably to talk it over with the neighbours, ask them about the history of the home, and whoever lived there before you did. Did anything unusual happen? Did a family tragedy occur? Was a crime committed? You may find out something that confirms your suspicions that the house is haunted. Perhaps something you learn will even allow you to make a judgement about who is doing the haunting.


If you do move into a new home and experience strange happenings, you might well be living in a haunted house. Although considered on their own, each of the signs mentioned might well have an innocent explanation, taken together they may point to a paranormal infestation!

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I have a lot to say about what’s happening in my home.It first started with my newborn, now two, always pointing and talking to someone, seeing weird things in the monitor at night. Then a stool moved two feet in distance right in front of me one night while going to the fridge to get something to drink.I let it go and thought maybe I was just tired, because it was so creepy and unexplainable. Then one night, I go to the fridge again, I hear a noise of whispers in my ear, and then the fridge door slams shut while trying to get a drink. We replaced our door lock twice, it locked on its own when my husband would go throw out the garbage and couldn’t come back in and accused me of locking him out but I never did. Now it’s extreme, my toddler asks me who someone is and points to the edge of the couch or near our kitchen doorway most of the time.Happens almost every night. Left her in playpen and I have actual footage of her head getting hit and her being flung to other side of playpen with a loud bang. Now I’m freaked out and don’t know who to go to. There are too many signs. At first I thought it was me being spooked and losing it because of being home so much, but I never had these experiences happen. My child is being threatened now, and friends who all saw the footage said to bring a priest in and bless the home and your daughter. I saged many times, still here….I’m lost for words. I started thinking I was going insane, but now video is showing me something and I can’t ignore it.. whatever this is, it’s hurting my child now and getting violent.
Bena - 10-Aug-21 @ 12:33 AM
We had 3 bloodstains appear by our bed the other night. No one has any cuts or any obvious signs of bleeding. The stains didn’t lead from the door over to the bed, they were just by the bed. When I went up to wipe it up in the morning, they had disappeared completely!!!
Jo - 9-Aug-21 @ 10:04 AM
just moved into new home;its only been about 3 days and things are STRANGE. items i sat down go missing; there is a small door like unit above the ceiling in the hallway.i never looked in it/opened it up .but at night time i hear movement above ME, how when im on the TOP FLOOR. also,i was sleep and heard UNPACKED BOXES move across the floor in other rooms. i also heard my flat screen being moved on my dresser at night. im very freaked out and feel very uncomfortable sleeping. there are folks who live underneath me. i know they hear it at night (vents are close;i heard them say to each other ' thats not her walking around up there' she's(me) sleeping. its a very nice home; its scary during bedtime. i dont if something is following me. years ago in a home a lived in; my neighbor actually approached me and told ME she heard things walking around while im at WORK.( neighbor knows I LIVE BY MYSELF)
bigpretty - 8-Apr-21 @ 7:45 PM
This happened two times in continuity at two different places with me. One day the helmet kept in its usual place in an open shelf placed on the floor just rolled out if it. This was my office and i was alone in there with zero disturbance and no fan just the ac working in low speed. The second day me and my wife left our bedroom at 6 in the morning. I sat in the living room fiddling my phone while my wife in the kitchen preparing tea. Both of us heard a small thud first. Guess we both heard it.But i thought it came from the kitchen and she thought it came from the living room. The second thud was heard immediately and my wife came out asking me did something fell did you hear something. I said yes and my wife went inside the bedroom to check. To her surprise she saw the water bottle kept on the floor lying sideways and water spilling out. We live in an apartment on the second floor and it is secured from rodents or insects enterring inside. She checked under the bed to see if theres any but found nothing. What could this be? Can anyone explain
Yoyo - 19-Mar-21 @ 1:21 AM
I moved in with my boyfriend and he told me about the house being hunted. I've seen stuff and felt like someone is watching me.. The room will get really cold and smell like cig. and done nites it sounds like someone bagging on stuff or someone walking opening up doors. The bad thing is stuff goes missing or moved and my boyfriend just truned really mean and blamed me for everything Sometimes he looks like something has got into his body and he will like real evil then he'll go off bye his SLEF and come back like he has no ideal what happen .. It's weird and it scary .
Lulu - 12-Feb-21 @ 5:28 AM
How can you rid of these things happening
Teetah - 21-Nov-20 @ 11:33 PM
I had a standing unit from up against my wall in my sitting room. On my unit i had a wee statue of Jesus on the cross and a picture of Mary and the rosary. I used to light candles and say prayers there. On one occasion one of my trophys flew off the unit and landed on the floor, this happened a couple of years ago and thought nothing more of it. This week i decided to decorate and moved the unit which wasnt directly against the wall but against the skirting so approx 1 inch from contact to the wall. I have noticed on the wall now are about 100 small round indentations across that area which are very spaced out and unexplainable as to how they got there? they were not there 2 years ago when i last painted . The more i look at them they look like star consellations. wish i could add a pic. Ive had 2 visitors to my house who said they have seen a ghost but I havent and to be honest I prefer it that way, but these small indentations look like a pellet has hit the wall a hundred times behind the unit?
Darren - 26-Oct-20 @ 10:00 PM
Last night I woke up about 3am to make my infant daughter a bottle. I was the only one awake as my husband was in the other room asleep. I was heating up her bottle and exhausted just staring across the room and suddenly my dish towel got closer and closer to the edge of the counter and fell off.. my dog suddenly came over and sniffed it and gave me a weird look then went away he looked startled. I was extremely confused and feeling uneasy. We’ve lived in our house almost a year now and nothing’s ever happened like this. But my father had passed away 13 years ago and I’m wondering if this could be him trying to communicate with me. I was a child when he passed..
S.2 - 29-Aug-20 @ 2:51 PM
My girlfriend and i where in my grandparents basement by ourselves alone. We were just hanging out in the basement relaxing on the couch and all of a sudden we hear the latch on the door. Its swining back and forth for longer then it would if someone were to bump it. Immediately we both were very cold and scared. No pets or other people were there and we both saw the latch unnaturally swining by itself for 20 seconds or so. On two separate occasions we were downstairs and there was a radio that turned on by itself. both times going directly to white noise. I still dont know what it meant if anything, but we just bought that house so i am worried something will happen again..
Sharkland - 10-Jun-20 @ 5:37 AM
We have lived in a very old cabin for 10yrs. We have a 4yr old daughter and I babysit our granddaughter. Roughly the past 6 months my spouse and I are waking up feeling something crawl in our bed, having weird dreams, our light up charger flicker like crazy while I am stirring in a nightmare. My spouse says he hears children laughter as well as a child speaking to him late at night but doesn't remember what they said. I get the cold spots in our bedroom and chills up and down entire body out of nowhere during the night. I'm starting to get freaked out. We both are. How in the world did we even get a ghost? Side note. My parents house (old huge house) also has children spirits. My father hears them playing while noone else is home, they have yanked my nephews plum off the couch while sleeping. Again the child spirits are attractived to my father like they are my spouse. So did we bring home one of their spirits? Did I bring something into my home with a unknown object? Has this spirit been here the entire time and us never known? We don't feel like we are in danger and we also know of no children who have passed recently (or within the 10yrs we've lived here) so my question is where did it come from and will it get angry eventually? Can Anyone help provide any answers or advice?
Crystal - 29-Apr-20 @ 9:08 AM
so i have a very old house. in my bedroom there is a corner i have always felt very uneasy about, if i sit there i feel that side of me is so much colder than the other side, the colder side is that corner. i haven’t slept for 3 nights straight and last night my painting i painted literally flew off of my wall, the painting is in that corner. i was so confused cause it was very far away from where it should have landed, it seemed at it had be ripped off my wall or something. i also have seen dark figures in my living room when home alone and my living room door slams a lot.
A - 25-Apr-20 @ 11:31 AM
We've been living in our house for 13 years now. About 6 months ago our dog suddenly stood up in our living room and she started to back away from the dining room door. She was very scared and she backed right behind our sofa and was peering out from behind shaking. We constantly hear footsteps upstairs and we know the kids are asleep. 2 nights ago we were watching TV then this feather came out of the kitchen and landed right infront of us. Since then weird things have been going on. Deodorant bottles falling over and last night my beer bottles began rattling in the box out of nowhere. I swear I heard somebody running across the landing the same night as the feather fell. I was having lunch around 3 months ago in the living room when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught the sight of a man in the doorway of my dining room. The same doorway the dog backed away from. Our house has always been fine but the last 6 months have been strange. My wifes brother who was always here passed away suddenly on her 40th birthday at her party nearly 2 years ago. He's the only one I think it could be.
Steve - 18-Apr-20 @ 1:34 PM
This is very strange and has never stopped. Since moving in to this council flat 5 years ago. I was with my partner and we were chatting. We both saw a top lift in the air. Then hit the sofa. Not sure how objects can defy gravity. On another occasion we went for food and the ice jumped out of the jug. Since I was eighteen these object moving and spiritual experiences. Have never stopped. I have had a door slam and the latch turn. That was in an older house. I was going through a bad period of my life. I remember lying in a bunk bed in a hostel and feeling something stroke my head. As it happened the woman who worked in the hostel. Told me she had a gift and was able to do a reading. Some of these things have come true. She has mentioned my grandmother in spirit. The toys I played with and the people I would meet. I never knew my grandmother. Anyway the other night whilst sleeping. I woke up to feel something sitting on my bed. Then I felt a kiss on my head. I has a 5p jump across the floor the other week. My trainer moved and my dog will stare in to one area. Then look at me in shock. I just want to know who it is and why they're haunting me.
Lsnowy - 8-Apr-20 @ 12:07 PM
Ive lived in my house 7 years and strange things have been happening since last summer. We were all in the living room dogs too and a little ball rolled out of the kitchen ten feet away.. rolled in a circle a few times then just stopped. My toddlers toys go off by themselves during the night constantly. The bigger issue is i think it wants to hurt me.. i slipped on a toy in my sons room that i SWEAR was not behind me (this is a big plastic rocking horse not a small toy). I fell and shattered my ankle. A few weeks later i went to sit down at the table and it was like someone pulled the chair away as i was sitting down and i broke my tailbone. Idk what to do at this point. Getting scared a little
Brittani - 3-Apr-20 @ 5:07 AM
Me and nys son playing pong in the basement, kept hearing a werid noise like 4 times... Like something sliding across the floor... Finally I'm like what is that noise.... My son said this thing and picks it up... It was like a glossy piese of metal a tab or something whatever, he said he saw it slide under the table and was like hmm then I asked what that noise was and he said he saw it slide back out from under the table super fast... No explanation just creepy.
Bob - 28-Feb-20 @ 12:14 AM
I look for things all of the time and when I find them, they are in places I just would not put them. I found my foundation in my daughters buggy. Things in places weird. Tonight I put the house phone in my room, and it was in the spare guest room. I never go in there, so why was it in there? Happens all of the time and people think I’m going crazy loosing things! Something is definitely playing tricks on me! Might be my nana bless her whos recently passed
Paige - 8-Feb-20 @ 9:35 PM
My daughters friend was at her house with her 4/5 year old daughter, she went up to my 22yrs old sonsbedroom for his tablet to play on, when she came down stairs she said is Karen coming down, we asked her who Karen was, she said she’s sat on Arrons bed, she has crazy hair like me,I showed her a photo of my son in-laws sister who died when she was only very young, she said yes that’s Karen I told you she had crazy hair like me, she had never seen that photo before. Can anyone explain.
Susie - 20-Jan-20 @ 12:19 AM
So I have had my house for 6 years. I feel like someone is on the stairs. My daughters run and jump in my bed when the wake up. I have felt them jumping in the bed. I look and they are asleep beside me. I also watched a butter knife fly off my kitchen island by it's self. I also heard someone walking upstairs and everyone including my two dogs were downstairs. This morning I was making food and some pizza sauce got tossed on my counter. It was a light sound but I asked my wife if she heard it, she said yes I thought it was you.
Tim - 16-Jan-20 @ 1:07 AM
I just found this necklace in my bed after I was picking up some toys and pulled out some sheets then I sat on my bed and say something shiny out of my eye and it was a tangled necklace. I have never seen this necklace before in my life but all of a sudden I get the sense of my grandpa in my room. Or last month when my friend stayed in my room she lost her necklace. I am very confused at the moment...
Blackcat13 - 24-Dec-19 @ 3:41 AM
I move in on the 26th of November 2019 I been in my new how getting on for 3 weeks now and now On the 15th of December 2019 my daughter was in the kitchen put some food on the plate and she seen it move side to side as I was cleaning the bedrooms she shouted mom Isaid what is up and she said come here she told me what was happening and I seen it myself and that was comeing from my 12 year old I believe anything about things like this I know it can not be my Dad and sister because I seen them at my old house so now I think the house as aghost in it or a hunting ghost ??
Matilda - 15-Dec-19 @ 7:43 PM
So yesterday morning I found a random handmade necklace on my living room floor. I’ve never seen it before, I have no clue where it came from. I’ve had my anxiety meds disappear then show up where I left them a few days later. I’ve also found Change in different spots all over the house.. ( I like to think my daddy has been stopping to say hi) he passed away 2 &1/2 years ago.... Five years ago when I was in the hospital, a photo of a girl showed up in my phone... No clue who she is either. I do know that the SAME day she showed up, is the day day I took about 10 steps.. ( I was in a coma for five weeks and had to re learn how to walk) I like to think of her as my guardian Angel.... Also, since my kids and I moved into our house a little over a year ago, my son and I have been having an uneasy feeling when it comes to my bathroom... In June, I saw a dark figure in the bathroom doorway... and the next morning I heard “scampering” footsteps under my bed... Very weird!! Any suggestions as to what it could all be would be greatly appreciated!!!
Ange - 18-Nov-19 @ 12:17 AM
So yesterday morning I found a random handmade necklace on my living room floor. I’ve never seen it before, I have no clue where it came from. I’ve had my anxiety meds disappear then show up where I left them a few days later. I’ve also found Change in different spots all over the house.. ( I like to think my daddy has been stopping to say hi) he passed away 2 &1/2 years ago.... Five years ago when I was in the hospital, a photo of a girl showed up in my phone... No clue who she is either. I do know that the SAME day she showed up, is the day day I took about 10 steps.. ( I was in a coma for five weeks and had to re learn how to walk) I like to think of her as my guardian Angel.... Also, since my kids and I moved into our house a little over a year ago, my son and I have been having an uneasy feeling when it comes to my bathroom... In June, I saw a dark figure in the bathroom doorway... and the next morning I heard “scampering” footsteps under my bed... Very weird!! Any suggestions as to what it could all be would be greatly appreciated!!!
Ange - 18-Nov-19 @ 12:16 AM
My mother in law passed away in 2010 so my wife kept a few of her mums stuff, one of which is a small clock that will only work when you leave it next to a framed family photo and the clock won't work anywhere else in the house. My other story happened in 1992, I had recently moved to London and was lucky enough to find a job, my first few months were tough finding accommodation I could afford, so my my work colleague said that I could sleep on the sofa for a couple of nights, the very first night I dreamt a midget type creature rummaging through the bedside drawers, and in this dream I punched him the next day my waist was bruised and aching, the second night my workmate said I could use the bottom part of a bunk bed, that was the most terrifying night, next to the bedroom wall was a pile of toys l thought I was dreaming when a small ball starting rolling back and forth and immediately the feeling of ripples were moving through the mattress I was lying on. I remembered it well, even the address 80 Copleston road Peckham/Denmark Hill London UK.
BigJ - 13-Nov-19 @ 1:34 PM
Things are turning on and off in our house by themselves. The Tv lights in my kitchen. If I turn on at night, there off in the morning. If I turn on off there on in the morning, kitchen only. My husband has turned off tv it comes na.ck on.We hear walking around at night no one there. Its spooky. What could this be. We have lived in our home for 15 years, just now experiencing all this. Get up to check no one What is happening?
Glory - 12-Nov-19 @ 2:30 PM
I don’t even know why I’m writing this but something happened this morning im just not sure of. As I sat down for a morning breakfast with my two year old, the usual morning of just me and her while her dad likes to sleep in. Nearly finished with our meals and the blinds start moving on their own; rapidly and just a few feet away from us. Nothing fell, we don’t own pets and there was no draft that could have caused it. My two year old, as little as she is was even a little shook; we both kind of looked at each other with the same face. I’m not normally they type of person the believes in “ghosts” so I tried ruling every out every other possibility. I’m puzzled and don’t want to tell her dad because he’ll just think I’m crazy.??I don’t really have anyone else I can talk to about this so please reply!
Jaek - 8-Nov-19 @ 7:50 PM
I've been living here for 1 and a half yrs now (rented house in England). I once got into a fight with my mother and usually my brother likes to stop me from doing so by trashing my stuff (terrible solution but whatever).Once i went for a walk. I came home and went to my room. I had built a wooden desk for myself months ago, it was destroyed. I messed up my brothers room thinking it was him. He came home mad at me, saying he trashed my room but swore he didnt touch my desk. That was the first sign (maby). The second sign was today. I went do do some things in the house, random activities, then i went to my room to study. I found a chocolate tray i started eating the day before between the keyboard and screen of my laptop. It was clearly removed from the ledge. There was also an actimel that was spilled but put picked up near my radiator. I asked my brother he said he didnt once enter my room today. CONCLUSION: my brothers a pathological liar or my house is haunted and the ghost wants conflict.
greta - 1-Nov-19 @ 2:17 PM
I have always been surrounded by spirits and this is known in my family. It's something that has been for conversation and knowing things I have felt and experienced has helped me to grow and not be in fear of things unknown. Now I've moved into a property and on 2 occasions family members have witnessed paranormal activity. One saying a figure was stood in my kitchen in the evening whilst they were the only ones downstairs and the second whilst I was out said smothered was a knocking on the bathroom door again whilst no one else was in the house. Being in tune with my own beliefs and lack of fear this isn't an issue for me. However my partner isnt use to it all and hes always telling me to stop enticing and to ignore whomever is still on this side with us. Only yesterday my blinds shut which scared my brother whilst we were sat chatting (they are on a pull mechanism and need to be pulled hard to shut them) I've never had someone come to any of my homes to communicate with the spirits and want advice on who best to call. My question is does this house have its own inhabitant or is this spirit guide one of my own and is one who has attached to me which is why more often then not I am always in presence with someone.
Believer and excepte - 6-Oct-19 @ 9:12 PM
Hi! I am Lyssy. This is my story about having a haunted house. When I was eight I was with my mom lots of stuff moved onto the floor on the side of my eye. I saw all this stuff on the floor that was on the table. It got so cold when I felt a creepy vibe. My attic was the most terrifying, I always heard a creepy noise out of there. I started to feel like I was being watched. When I was on my phone I heard paranormal noises, and when my mom left home I would here sometimes a noise calling my name like, Lyssy.~ That’s when it got really really creepy I promised to myself when I play Bloody Mary again I would say this. You will never scare me again even if you haunt me if it’s scary I won’t fear. This is the story of how I saved myself from being cursed.
Lyssy - 28-Sep-19 @ 11:41 PM
Hi we have moved 18 months ago into a house which we bought off my husband's parents who have emigrated. We have extended it and changed everything in it. There has only been my in-laws and us that have lived in this house since it has been built. Recently, over the last couple of months, strange things have been happening. Me and my husband while we were in bed, saw a shadow on the wall of a person walking down the stairs and heard footsteps.my husband went downstairs and there was nobody there. A couple of weeks ago the loft which is in the ceiling on the landing had been lifted up and had been pushed across. Ive had a smell of lilies in my living room that lasted about 5 minutes. Ive walked past my sons bedroom when he was on holiday and could smell his aftershave as if it had just been sprayed. My son was in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago and thought his girlfriend had sneakedup behind him as he seen something in the mirror.he turned around laughing and she wasn't there. He told me last night that there was a hand print upside down on his bedroom mirror. My daughter and her boyfriend, visited the other day. He thought we had got another dog. He seen something white rush past really fast. He said it looked like a white dog rushing past very fast. This happened when my husband was out walking our dog. A friend told me to get some sage and walk around the house with it. I just can't understand how it can be haunted but can't explain things happening. Even before the house was built, it was just farm land.
Lisaloo - 24-Sep-19 @ 11:47 AM
Hi .. I've been in my new house 4 months. One night the playstation turned itself on when I was upstairs in bed but I just blamed the cat maybe knocking the ps4 pad. Another night my partner swore she felt something touch her leg under the duvet. Tonight, we have just come up to bed and there is a random red dummy on the floor in our bedroom. So odd!! I cannot feel any negative vibes or anything though. In my house growing up, I used to hear tapping like on a keyboard from the back corner of the room and a horrible negative energy and i used to leg it to bed. My best friend also left my house as she felt someone was staring at her.
Swainy87 - 27-May-19 @ 10:35 PM
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