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What to do if You Think You Have a Poltergeist

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 2 Oct 2017 | comments*Discuss
Poltergeist Ghost Exorcism Enfield

Poltergeists (or Turbulent Spirits) have been recorded throughout human history. In earlier periods their actions were attributed to demons or witchcraft. Nowadays, debate still continues about what exactly they are. Some believe that they are genuine manifestations of the spirit of formerly deceased persons.

In some cases, poltergeists are able to communicate through writing, the use of Ouija boards, or by a system of raps in response to questions. In this way, a name and identity for the poltergeist is often established, but it is often not clear whether it is the identity of a real person, now dead, or a purely imaginative creation. The latter is usually suspected and most experts who have been personally involved in dealing with poltergeist cases are inclined to the view that poltergeists are not, in fact, objective entities at all, but are in some way external embodiments of the emotional disturbance of a particular person, usually an adolescent and often a female.

Signs You May Have a Poltergeist Problem

Typical signs of a poltergeist manifestation include: -
  • Objects moving around on their own (either in your presence or not)
  • Strange raps or bangings sounding somewhere in the house without any obvious cause
  • Writing appearing on walls
  • Stones or other objects being flung at people through the air with no clear perpetrator in sight
  • People being physically tossed around by something unseen
  • Strange odours manifesting without any obvious source
If these symptoms sound familiar to you, perhaps you have a poltergeist. Particularly if you have children in your family, however, you should make every effort to ensure that the phenomenon is real, and not simply the result of someone’s mischief. Even in classic cases, such as that of the Enfield poltergeist, there are still some who believe that, in reality, there was nothing going on except children playing pranks on their parents. Be sure and rule this out before you call in outsiders.

Dealing with a Poltergeist Problem

Once it has been established that you have a poltergeist, the obvious question is: what should you do about it? One option is simply to wait it out. Most poltergeists do not stay long. The average duration of a poltergeist experience is in the region of a few weeks. Rarely does it go beyond a few months. You will have to decide yourself how great the disturbance is. If it is no more than a few objects being shifted around, and an occasional stone being thrown at you through the air, perhaps it’s something you can easily put up with it. If it’s truly frightening or intolerable, however, you should seek help.


In the case of troubling hauntings, people tend to think first of calling in priests or ministers to perform an exorcism or give a blessing to the house. There is no harm in trying this; however, in many poltergeist cases, it has proven to be ineffective and, if the hypothesis that the poltergeist is not, in fact, an objective entity such as a demon or remnant of a real person is correct, there is no particular reason why a blessing or exorcism should be expected to work.

Bizarre though it sounds, in many cases success has been reported when a householder simply addresses the poltergeist directly, asking it to stop causing disruption in the house and to leave.


Another option is to arrange for some form of psychological counselling for the person you believe is at the root of the disturbance. In some cases, this may be very easy to spot - perhaps there is only one young person in your family. If not, identifying the person responsible is your obvious next step. You can do this by having family members stay in places other than your house for a while. Perhaps there is an aunt or uncle who wouldn’t mind putting your children up for a week or a weekend. You can then see if the poltergeist phenomena cease once a certain person is out of the house, or even whether they manifest themselves at the other location.

Once the person who is the source of the disturbance has been identified, do not reprimand or blame them in any way. It is generally agreed that the phenomenon is entirely involuntary on their part, and they cannot consciously affect it in any way. The best thing to do is to arrange for a counsellor to speak with the affected person in confidence. If the emotional disturbance can be put to rest, the poltergeist may simply disappear.


Another option worth considering is geomancy. Geomancers claim to study the earth’s energies and the things which facilitate or hinder their flow. In some cases, they attribute poltergeist phenomena to disruption of the earth’s energies. This can have many causes, ranging from recent extension work on your home to the construction of a major road nearby. A geomancer may be able to make recommendations about what can restore harmony in the local environment.

Various societies exist to undertake research into paranormal phenomena such as ghosts and poltergeists. If you contact any of these, it is likely that they will be able to offer you assistance in some way, though be clear in your own mind, and make clear to them, whether your goal is to further research into a strange phenomenon or, in a more practical sense, simply to be rid of it.

Finally, a word of warning. Poltergeists are not always aggressive and frightening. Sometimes they even seem to be friendly. For example, in one case, workers in a factory had become quite comfortable with the presence of their resident poltergeist; and once, when a man said he needed a certain tool and started walking towards another room to get it, he found that it dropped out of the air right beside him, courtesy of the poltergeist. Usually, therefore, there is no need for you to be utterly terrified at the presence of a poltergeist. Do not be lured into spending thousands of pounds on charlatans or witch-doctors who promise to rid you of your problem. There are plenty of unscrupulous people around. If you need external help, you should be able to find it for free.

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@jacob(15yearsold) - there will be a rational explanation to this. Have you been watching too many scary movies? I can't watch them without feeling their is something lurking in my house or me or one of my family have been affected.
GR8 - 2-Oct-17 @ 12:12 PM
We myself my husband two of the three daughters have experienced off on for years now different unexplained occurrences.lights going off:ontvs being turned off or on noises Knocking sounds background noises music? Unexplainable falls bruising overall feeling of being watched. Could this have something to do with our middle daughter she is emotionally handicapped very spitefulan mischievous
Snappy 1 - 2-Oct-17 @ 6:56 AM
so my sister recently moved back in our house and the first week we saw nothing but today i looked on my indoor security camera and my sister was sleeping in the living room and she does not like to have any fans on so i know its not a fan that did this but at exactly 3 AM a brand new unused dryer sheet flew like a paper airplane perfectly strait up and i say it was unused because we keep our dryer sheets in our garage so there is no way that it was a fake and i have the video and everything so i think my sister brought something in the house
jacob(15yearsold) - 30-Sep-17 @ 3:05 PM
I am starting too get fairly alarmed,and really don't know how too explain many happenings.I am trying to find a explanation to it,It started about a yr ago with things being moved around just small things,then i started having night mares of being tossed around my room and more then once i havewoke too my sheets shredded,Today i woke up to what very clearly appears to be a bit mark on my arm you can see teeth impressions and is bruised,Am i going crazy,
mike - 23-Jul-17 @ 11:02 PM
There has been. Something following me and my family. Phones mysteriously going dead as if someone touched it. The phone flew out of my girlfriend's hand and the kids keep describing a man with no legs. Things come up missing. And reappear and places we haven't been. We have moved in and has followed. And it goes by the name Timmy. I believe there is total of 3. I have also caught some weird things on camera. That looks like Holograms. Please email me as soon as possible. We need some type of help
None - 4-Apr-17 @ 7:57 PM
@Pabz - there are so many unexplained happenings in life. I believe you, but if only you saw it, then you will never really know for sure whether your brain is playing tricks on you. Having a back-up of someone else helps - but still because the experience is so fleeting, and it only happened once it's hard to pin it down. Scary though.........Jas
JDE - 29-Mar-17 @ 11:20 AM
I was brought up as a Catholic made to go to church with my parents every weekend but now as an adult I always tended to lean towards non religious theories to explain all matter of things, except I can't explain this. On 25/03/2017 at about 11pm whilst just settling down to play on my PS4 after the wife had gone to bed and my two children where sleeping upstairs, I noticed one of their school shoes left in the middle of the room with out being put away. It was on its side and had been since it was left their. There's nothing that could have moved it. But it did. As I was about to play my game right in front of my eyes it slammed on to its sole the right way up. I froze and stared in disbelief at what I had just seen so clearly. Trying to disprove how it could have moved like it did with out anything around it. Nothing like this has happened to me before and we don't live in a very old house about 1960's and have lived here for 10 years with nothing happening.Immediately I went to tell my wife in shock. This is why I've arrived on this page because I went about doing research trying to disprove that it was anything paranormal. But the only things I have come up with is that it was either a spirit or poltergeist, maybe some form of energy. Or is it something to do with our brains tricking us that we don't yet understand? I know that if you stare at a black dot on a screen for a time before a black and white picture is flashed up in front of you your brain sees the image in colour. So effectively your brain is tricking you. Could this also be the case when you see something move that should never move unless moved by something or someone. Like when most of us have seen something out of the corner of our eyes move or appear and you dismiss it as nothing? Or is it only certain people? Or is it really a ghost? I know I can't explain it as it was as clear as day what I saw.
Pabz - 28-Mar-17 @ 4:23 PM
My daughter has had a spirit (or something) attracted to her for months,but today it flew a knife off the kitchen bench onto the floor,she was in the kitchen?help
May - 22-Mar-17 @ 3:28 AM
I have poltergeist, just like its pretty chill nothings been broken.but ive been finding my plants over watered (i live alone part time) ive found my coffee maker turning on when i walk into the room.i find my phone and laptop charged when i forget about it in the front of my house.ive had gems and things put on different selves. its not really bad.
dior - 17-Mar-17 @ 5:38 AM
@Mister - that is...............spooky! I would not be able to relax and watch TV in your house.
JUDD98 - 19-Oct-16 @ 9:53 AM
At night when I go to watch t.v in my living room I open the door and the door slams about 5 minutes later and when I go out of my living room I see a figure behind the door of the living room and it freaks me out.
Mister - 18-Oct-16 @ 3:18 AM
I bought a big old house built in the 1890s the record had been changed to 1907 for a sale ? I am a special person endowed with a gift of prophecy and miracles. I moved in and doors were opening and closing by themselves. A lot of noise sounded like kids playing around I kept ignoring it telling my self it was coming from the neighbors house. Then it escalated and the battle was on. The man appeared the dead man plain as day in broad daylight. He would walk out onto 12th ST and caused a lot of accidents. Several times I witnessed after an accident poor dumbfounded people saying where did he go looking all around in disbelief. He would always turn off the bathroom light and close the door and open the main bedroom door. Then he traumatized my faithful fearless American Staffordshire terrier bad one eve. Then he started going crazy stomping heavily, banging, Stomping down the stairs, throwing pictures off the wall at me. He stomped into the kitchen one night set off a mouse trap and went crazy smashing the heavy stove into the wall and forcefully smashing and crashing all over. The mouse trap disappeared and I looked thoroughly and he had taken it away never to be seen again. I never addressed him directly never showed any fear. I did one night Pray loud and yell this house is mine. You are dead go to the light The power of god commands you. I walked every inch of the old house top to bottom Praying Prayers over and over and yelling You are dead go to the light the power of god commands you. He never turned off another light, closed or opened a door, moved anything, all the banging and stomping ceased. If you have a restless spirit manifesting. Never show fear, Never address directly, Give no attention, never speak of in your house. If you want to evict speak from god not from you, always from god, angles, ST Michael the like. No you are not crazy. Yes you are terrified that is normal I know. Just do your best to show no fear and ignore. Start off ask nice to be quiet or leave 1 time. If the ghost won't stop everything. Be strong Tell it god commands it to go to the light . Yell prayers all trough the house top to bottom and over again, Call on angels and god to help you. Worked for me in Minnesota USA . There might be a reason the spirit need some help or unfinished business. Later I found out the thing was going obsessed with the gold buried under the pantry floor where he banged. Take care Good fortune .
Rick the fearless - 9-Jun-16 @ 5:07 AM
I have a cat waterer - the kind that you fill up, snap a lid onto, and then quickly flip it into its base as you set it down. I'm always sure to assemble it correctly. Twice since I've moved into this apartment, the waterer had been turned around and improperly reassembled in such a way that it would be impossible for my cat to do, even if she were strong enough, without spilling the water all over the floor. There is no evidence that anyone has broken into my apartment to cause this mischief.
Lyraka - 19-Mar-16 @ 12:25 PM
We are having allot of occurrences in my parents new house my mam has always seen things and our last house was haunted but nothing bad ever happened and it never scared us but whatever this is its not a good spirit. It started 3 weeks ago my mother was in kitchen and suddenly she heard drops on the floor when she looked they were red drops and its defo blood the next day she came down stairs on the morning and there was another drop of blood on dining room table. After that its been banging on doors and opening them, turning on appliances, its smashed a mirror. My mother is not sleeping as allot of the stuff is happening in her bedroom so has been stopping in the grandchildren's bedroom and when she went into her room there was a blood drop in the middle of the bed. Im getting scared now as it turned the lights off on the children while they were playing in there tent and left them in the dark screaming until i ran and turned it back on.Please help and what does the blood drops mean.
delly - 4-Feb-16 @ 10:30 PM
To get rid of your ghost bully is simply... Burn down the house :)
Dr.James - 31-Jan-16 @ 11:59 AM
My friend was wanting me to look this up. I am amazed that she didn't know ANYTHING about this! It was been happening to her for years. She needs help. But she wont tell anyone. I glad she told me. I have to tell her to seek help. She told me it only happen when she if alone. Which is weird, right? She told me about objects in mid air and everything.
kgirl - 15-Dec-15 @ 11:02 PM
I have poltergeists that have been bothering me for a while now. I was astral projecting and I might have ventured out too far. They said they followed me back so now they watch my every move . I'm going to be baptized in a few weeks. Ihave holy water. It keeps them out but they won't leave. The only thing I can think of is to consult a priest or someone. Yes. One did attack me a long time ago(last year) but hasn't since I blessed my apartment with holy water. I don't know what else to do. Any advice? Please! : (
Goofygoof - 5-Dec-15 @ 6:50 PM
@Elijah - the more you think you see things or dwell on this type of phenomenon the more it seems to play tricks on you. A lot of it is really just in the mind and the mind can be the greatest conjurer. I always draw a psychological gold ring around me. It means whatever you see nothing can get in as it's a ring of protection. Do it when you feel scared and the ghosts and ghouls will soon stop bothering you :))
LouLou - 13-Nov-15 @ 9:54 AM
Hi, i have been living in my house since i was born and things have been happening since i can remember, but only to me and my brother, my brother has had a speaker thrown at him when he was younger and has had someone breathing on him, things like that only used to happen rarely but lately it has been happening a lot more (im 18 in 3 months) just last night i was physically harmed whilst i was lying in bed, i felt a sharp pain on my foot, when i looked at my foot i had 2 scratches on my toe, my toe had gone bright red and had swollen, also about 2 weeks ago i saw a large black figure standing in the corner of my living room, i was on skype with my friends at the time because i had heard noises coming from the kitchen so i went to have a look and the cuboards were open and there was a stool in the middle of the floor, i went in to the living room because i heard knocking on the door and that when i saw the figure, i turned the light on and it dissapeared, im starting to become scared to even sleep at night because my situation is getting worse and worse, i will mention now that a bout 3 months ago me and a few of my friends decided to go in to an abandoned led factory and take flash photos of the bottom floor, it had no windows so it was pitch black, in one of the photos we took it was of a small alcove, in the corner of the photo you can clearly see two faces staring at the camera, it sends chills down my spine every time i look at the picture because im the one who took it, the activities in my house have been getting worse since this event, one of my other friends has been saying that weird things have been happening in his house, things like, hearing peoples voices from different rooms when they are in the house alone, just today when i was over at their house i saw a black shadow go past their window, where no one outside can get to, all of this has been happening since we went to the factory. is it possible that the spirits have attached themselves to me and my friend? is so it there any way to stop it? because it it terrifying both of us. thanks
Elijah - 12-Nov-15 @ 1:18 AM
ScaredKid - Your Question:
In my house where I live with my mom step father and my cat recently in my home usually at around 2 to 4 am I hear tapping at my window scratching at my door banging noises in my bathroom and my cat likes to stand at the door and just stare like shes looking at something and sometimes I have unusual dreams like my most recent one was about a man who vomited blood everywhere after he stabbed his little boy and sometimes I will here whispers in the hallway telling me "sleep" and another time I saw my bedroom light flicker red. this only happens to me at night in my home and I have tried everything to remove whatever is doing this to me and it does not work I am currently trying more methods but nothing works and the nights get worse and worse please help me

Our Response:
Sometimes if we think we may have a poltergeist, you will begin to look for signs and if we all look hard enough we will find them. I'm sure if I lay in bed and listened hard enough, I may hear footsteps, or think I have heard noises. My own cat sits and stares into space as if she is looking at something, it's what cats do. Plus, if you are thinking scary thoughts, you will invariably have bad dreams. I don't mean to undermine your suspicions here, but this is a phase A LOT of teenagers go through, especially if they may have watched the odd horror movie or two. I remember going through the same phase myself in my teenage years. I can guarantee you do not have a poltergeist and if you relax a little, all of these issues will ebb away. However, if you are very scared, have a word with your parents, I'm sure with a bit of a chat, they will be able to help reduce your fears. I hope this helps.
SpookyStuff - 23-Oct-15 @ 1:58 PM
In my house where i live with my mom step father and my cat recently in my home usually at around 2 to 4 am i hear tapping at my window scratching at my door banging noises in my bathroom and my cat likes to stand at the door and just stare like shes looking at something and sometimes i have unusual dreams like my most recent one was about a man who vomited blood everywhere after he stabbed his little boy and sometimes i will here whispers in the hallway telling me "sleep" and another time i saw my bedroom light flicker red. this only happens to me at night in my home and i have tried everything to remove whatever is doing this to me and it does not work i am currently trying more methods but nothing works and the nights get worse and worse please help me
ScaredKid - 22-Oct-15 @ 6:49 PM
Umm hi I've been experiencing some weird phenomenons I'm my one bedroom flatI was first alerted to something out of place by hearing foot steps in my corridor on the stairs between the hours of 00:00 and 3:00am in the morning since then it has progressed to random knocking noises and objects being thrown at me eg lighters books and for some reason rubbish
deathbat - 22-Oct-15 @ 12:53 PM
First I don't believe in ghosts...I am very scientific however I moved into an apartment ane had things start to happen. First knocking...then foot steps..and a lamp that was a touch lamp only came on when touched. .shower would come on...I once was awoken by a bad smell..har a loaf of bread flung from counter. I heard it but did not see it in the air..the last thing I saw was a brown orb or ball of brown light show up but it was not just seen by me....I moved. I was not scared because I figured it had to be something...but I can't explain the weirdness that went on.
Ericka71 - 11-Jun-15 @ 8:53 AM
My great-grandmother was a psychic and both my late nan and my mother seemed to be able to detect the presence of ghosts. Lately though, it appears that I can too and we have been experiencing increasing phenomena within our house. It is a relatively new building but there is an extremely old farm house in the road just above us and a graveyard in very close proximity. I have in past years experienced several strange occurrences including the scent of flowers, a loud groan and someone whispering in my ear but lately since we have had our new puppy it has escalated. My previous dog died last year and she often used to look in the empty corner of a room and bark. In the last few weeks I have heard banging on the walls, doors have been opening and closing on their own. The kitchen door opened on its own yesterday and let my puppy out. My bedroom door has been opening and closing on its own and this morning we went downstairs to find that the curtains had all been drawn. We have also noticed objects disappearing or being moved. I have also heard footsteps on the stairs and mum says that she has heard children too but that she senses a man and woman also. I have been experiencing the sensation of feeling as if there is no oxygen and I feel breathless.I am quite concerned by these occurrences but mum doesn't sense any harm. I don't feel threatened and most of the time I don't worry about it but I am concerned that things seem to be escalating. The level of activity had increased all over the house, whereas it was mostly confined to the hall and front bedroom downstairs before.
bubble - 5-Jun-15 @ 2:23 AM
my niece has stayed at my house a few months ago and she said she will never stay again as she has seen a dark figure in the corner of my daughters room. she went home the next day and that night woke up crying saying a witch was trying to get her. a few weeks later her younger sister woke up at about 03.00 in the morning crying screaming and pointing at the window saying the same thing. today i left my house to pick up my kids from school and out of curiosity i looked bsck st my house snd it looks like someone was in my room as the net curtain moved and i went back home went up stairs no one was there. my fella was on the sofa asleep so i said have you just been up stairs and he replied no. before all this happend at around midnight i was sorting my kids lunches out for school me and my fella were in the kitchen sorting the washing and lunches out. as we retured into the living room my sofa was pushed agaist the tv with no explaination why what can i do.
ghost - 22-May-15 @ 11:03 PM
My friend told me that stuff are happening again to her . That the haunting went away for a few days but that it came back . Her mom called a person to bless the house and the hauntings went away but recame again . What should she do , she's very pale and hasn't sleeped for the fear she has . It's a man that always holds her down while she's sleeping . Any help?
Mamma_locaa - 25-Apr-15 @ 5:01 PM
Recently I have been worried, I have lived in my house for a month and just yesterday I was in my room alone and from the corner of my eye I saw my blanket slowly sart to lift up from one of the corners I turned to look at it as it lifted higher into the air then suddenly my father walked in and at that instant it dropped, it was quite strange (apart from obvious reasons) because I was surprisingly calm, my heart wasn't racing or anything! I was so confused and weirded out that I started to research on things and it made me recall an event a couple of weeks ago where I was alone in the room and I ducked but like a couple of seconds after I ducked another shadow moved down so that it was masked by mine again I am a teenage girl which increases the possibility of a poltergeist but it has sent done anything like attempt to hurt me so I don't think its a poltergeist but if not then, what is it???
IZA - 11-Feb-15 @ 6:24 AM
I believe we have some activity money as been put away no one nos where and half of it disappears we had this problem years ago why as it returned
Christine Fisher - 23-Aug-14 @ 7:20 PM
My friend has had all sorts of problems since she has lived on her new house for about a year now, she once told me about been suffercated whilst trying to get to sleep, she told me she had heard a ringing in her ear and the getting thrown into her pillow and not been able to move, speak or breathe. This has only happened three times. Her mum has things happen to her every night like her cover getting thrown over her face and her head been thrown into her pillow! I have been stopping here about 2/3 months now and nothing has ever happened to me until tonight when I was just drifting off and I heard a ringing in my right ear which passed through to my left ear and became very high pitched, I found my self layed on my back and felt like somebody or something had their hands wrapped around my neck and I was been forced into the pillow, I tried to move my arms buy felt like they were been pinned down by this thing, I couldn't speak and I didn't dare open my eyes and it was absolutely awful, could anybody help?
hollygreenaway - 22-Aug-13 @ 5:20 AM
I have had something messing with me since I was a small child. When I was a little kid, my bed picked up off its side and i got thrown off aggressively. Another time as a child i woke up with my legs being held tightly together by some unknown force and it hurt so i started screaming. That was when i was 8, them i can't recall anything happening till i was 12,as i was walking up some stairs in school, and all the sudden something happend that is really difficult to explain. I lost complete control of my body, felt like I was trapt inside my mind and my eyes were windows. I was looking through someone elses eyes and watching wat they do but it was my body, and suddenly my hand lashed forward and hit someone and the fell down the stairs. I regained control and stood there confused. Then nothing again till i was 16, it was new years night and everyone was going to sleep, i laid down in my room and closed my eyes. Then i heard something or some one say something horrible in a growl of a voice, but when I opened my eyes I couldn't remember wat i heard, just that it was horrible, but i shrugged it off as imagination. So i closed my eyes again and started trying to sleep, and then the same thing happened, as soon as I opened my eyes and looked around i couldn't remember again, so i figured just the mind playing tricks. Then for a third time the same routine happens except this time i was able to recall wat the voice in my room said. And it said, well it said something that made no sense to me but was simply disturbing. It said " kiss her dead lips before its too late ". At that point i freaked out and left my room and went outside on the porch for air. And shortly after i was out side i felt dizzy and had some extreme loss of energy, i started trying to make my way back to the door but didn't make it before i wine up on the ground realizing i must have lost conscience. Then for almost a year of time i had thing get thrown around the house, doors randomly slamming, banging, objects disappearing and reappearing. Until i asked a prayer for the spirit to leave me alone and find peace. Nothing happened again until this past two years, and im 21 now. And e every time this thing shows up in my life it gets more aggressive, I've started having dreams of the same creepy entity tormenting me obsessively, the dreams r so horrible i wake up shaking and terrified at wat i had just wittenessed or had happen to me. Ive had wat sounded like nails scratching at the floor behing me, ive had chairs and tables lift off the ground and slam near me. Foot steps behind me and no one is there, my shirt get tugged at or pulled no one there, hands touching my shoulders same thing. Most recently my window blinds were ripped from the walls out f no where, no one touched them. Things get worse every time this demon or insane spirit shows up, and im getting really worried. Wat am i supposed to do?
twinkletoes - 27-Jul-13 @ 11:03 AM
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