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For thousands of years, man has been fascinated with the supernatural.Whether it is ghosts, UFOs, prophets, strange places, extra sensory perception, or cryptids (creatures that have been seen but cannot be scientifically proven to exist), man has always sought out explanations for the unexplainable.
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Bizarre History
Bizarre History: The Song That Drove People to Suicide, The Wicker Man...
Extraordinary People
Extraordinary People: Sir Edmund Hillary and the Abominable Sn...
Future Foretold
Future Foretold: The Prophecies of Merlin, The Highland Seer, Mother Shipton: Prophet...
Ghosts and Spirits
Ghosts and Spirits: Black Dogs, The Ghosts of Famous Britons, The Ghost Ship Lady...
Haunted Britain
Haunted Britain: A Guide to Ghostly Edinburgh, Britain's Top Ten Haunted Hotels,...
Mysterious Places
Mysterious Places: Boleskine House, Whaley House, Ham House, Ley Lines, Rosslyn...
Other World Interaction
Other World Interaction: How to Create Your Own Ghost, Becoming a Ghost...
Paranormal Hoaxes
Paranormal Hoaxes: The Amityville "Haunting", Cottingley Fairies, The War of the Worlds...
Paranormal Problems
Paranormal Problems: Signs that Your House is Haunted, What to do if...
Strange Creatures
Strange Creatures: Loch Ness Monster, Werewolves, The Mothman, Bigfoot, Beast of...
UFOs: Roswell UFO Incident, How to go on a UFO Spotting Trip, The Foo...
Weird Phenomena
Weird Phenomena: All About Spontaneous Human Combustion, The Power of Prayer, The Mary...
Latest Comments
  • katey
    Re: The Enfield Poltergeist
    I believe I have a poltergeist for about 3 years and it has become very vocal and it is threatening me all the time and literally…
    10 December 2014
  • Onion head
    Re: Famous Britons Who Have Seen a Ghost
    Annabella Millbanke now haunts the Hall. Seen on the 2nd of Febuary. The date she was married. Seen running along what…
    3 December 2014
  • Bee
    Re: What to do if You Have Seen a UFO
    @Isthistrue - You could report it to the British UFO Research Association.
    31 October 2014
  • This is true
    Re: What to do if You Have Seen a UFO
    On the way back from my local town I sore a wierd shaped object (this was at 8:30 at night) It was round but had green…
    31 October 2014
  • caz
    Re: Fear Liath
    I lived at 11 Winslow rd in Bradford and apparently it was haunted.strange things going on .doors slamming .lights turning on and off.we even had a tree…
    13 October 2014
  • Amy
    Re: How to Become a Witch
    This has opened my eyes and I can now finally find where the which covers are Thankyou !
    8 October 2014
  • Tom
    Re: Haunted London
    I love this article ! Very useful !
    6 October 2014
  • nanatrish
    Re: The Enfield Poltergeist
    I recently stayed at the Bella Vita in Hitchen England,while trying to take photos of the room i found that every image featuring the…
    28 September 2014
  • brainsjj
    Re: What to do if You Have Seen a UFO
    i have a video took on holiday a few days ago and have slowed it down and seem to have a ufo on it. what should i do with…
    21 September 2014
  • Shoob
    Re: What to do if You Have Seen a UFO
    I'm a bit worried I just see something out of the ordinary at first I thought it was a helicopter but when it moved I…
    11 September 2014
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