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Signs that Your House is Haunted

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 6 Oct 2019 | comments*Discuss
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It’s a scenario we’ve all seen in Hollywood films. A family moves into a new home excited about the new possibilities it offers, perhaps delighted to have got it at what seemed an unusually low price. Then things begin to go wrong. The family can’t settle. Relationships deteriorate. Something about the new home just seems to give rise to problems. Could it be haunted? Can it happen to you?

In classic ghost tales, spirits tend to manifest themselves visually, appearing dramatically before the bewildered witnesses. Often they are described as staring at the living; or even sometimes ignoring them altogether, performing some action they may regularly have performed in life. But ghosts don’t always make their presence obvious. Sometimes they manifest visually only rarely, or not at all. There can be more subtle signs that your house is haunted, however.

Things to Look For

Pets can often provide the first clue that there is a ghostly presence in your house. For some reason animals often seem to be more attuned to the “other side” than we humans are. If your normally friendly dog appears to be reacting to something you can’t see, growling at something in a particular part of the house, for example, it could be a sign that a ghost is nearby.

Ghosts are often said to create a sense of coldness wherever they go. Many experienced ghost-hunters take thermometers with them so they can measure differences in temperature between one part of a building and another, giving them a first indication of the possible presence of a ghost. If a creepy coldness seems to occur in your house from time to time, particularly if it’s associated with one specific part of the house (for example a room where a now deceased person may once have spent much of their life), and the coldness seems to defy any heating equipment you have installed, it may not just be an insulation problem!

Ghosts are often said to interfere with electrical equipment. Batteries depleting unusually quickly, for example, is something often experienced by dedicated ghost hunters. If this is something you experience in your home, it might be a sign of a ghost.

Objects moving around on their own can be a sign of a haunted house. Some ghosts are mischievous, and some like to play around with objects they used regularly in life. Of course, if you actually see the object flying through the air you’ll know something is amiss! But even if you don’t directly see the object move, and only notice it in its new position after the fact, it may still be a pointer to a paranormal problem. Of course, you may have moved it yourself and forgotten all about it, or someone else in your family may have moved it. If it happens once of twice, it’s probably nothing to get excited about, but if the problem of misplaced objects is something you continually experience in your house, it might well be a sign of a haunting.

Further Investigation

If you do begin to suspect that your house is haunted, what should you do? The best thing is probably to talk it over with the neighbours, ask them about the history of the home, and whoever lived there before you did. Did anything unusual happen? Did a family tragedy occur? Was a crime committed? You may find out something that confirms your suspicions that the house is haunted. Perhaps something you learn will even allow you to make a judgement about who is doing the haunting.


If you do move into a new home and experience strange happenings, you might well be living in a haunted house. Although considered on their own, each of the signs mentioned might well have an innocent explanation, taken together they may point to a paranormal infestation!

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I have always been surrounded by spirits and this is known in my family. It's something that has been for conversation and knowing things I have felt and experienced has helped me to grow and not be in fear of things unknown. Now I've moved into a property and on 2 occasions family members have witnessed paranormal activity. One saying a figure was stood in my kitchen in the evening whilst they were the only ones downstairs and the second whilst I was out said smothered was a knocking on the bathroom door again whilst no one else was in the house. Being in tune with my own beliefs and lack of fear this isn't an issue for me. However my partner isnt use to it all and hes always telling me to stop enticing and to ignore whomever is still on this side with us. Only yesterday my blinds shut which scared my brother whilst we were sat chatting (they are on a pull mechanism and need to be pulled hard to shut them) I've never had someone come to any of my homes to communicate with the spirits and want advice on who best to call. My question is does this house have its own inhabitant or is this spirit guide one of my own and is one who has attached to me which is why more often then not I am always in presence with someone.
Believer and excepte - 6-Oct-19 @ 9:12 PM
Hi! I am Lyssy. This is my story about having a haunted house. When I was eight I was with my mom lots of stuff moved onto the floor on the side of my eye. I saw all this stuff on the floor that was on the table. It got so cold when I felt a creepy vibe. My attic was the most terrifying, I always heard a creepy noise out of there. I started to feel like I was being watched. When I was on my phone I heard paranormal noises, and when my mom left home I would here sometimes a noise calling my name like, Lyssy.~ That’s when it got really really creepy I promised to myself when I play Bloody Mary again I would say this. You will never scare me again even if you haunt me if it’s scary I won’t fear. This is the story of how I saved myself from being cursed.
Lyssy - 28-Sep-19 @ 11:41 PM
Hi we have moved 18 months ago into a house which we bought off my husband's parents who have emigrated. We have extended it and changed everything in it. There has only been my in-laws and us that have lived in this house since it has been built. Recently, over the last couple of months, strange things have been happening. Me and my husband while we were in bed, saw a shadow on the wall of a person walking down the stairs and heard footsteps.my husband went downstairs and there was nobody there. A couple of weeks ago the loft which is in the ceiling on the landing had been lifted up and had been pushed across. Ive had a smell of lilies in my living room that lasted about 5 minutes. Ive walked past my sons bedroom when he was on holiday and could smell his aftershave as if it had just been sprayed. My son was in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago and thought his girlfriend had sneakedup behind him as he seen something in the mirror.he turned around laughing and she wasn't there. He told me last night that there was a hand print upside down on his bedroom mirror. My daughter and her boyfriend, visited the other day. He thought we had got another dog. He seen something white rush past really fast. He said it looked like a white dog rushing past very fast. This happened when my husband was out walking our dog. A friend told me to get some sage and walk around the house with it. I just can't understand how it can be haunted but can't explain things happening. Even before the house was built, it was just farm land.
Lisaloo - 24-Sep-19 @ 11:47 AM
Hi .. I've been in my new house 4 months. One night the playstation turned itself on when I was upstairs in bed but I just blamed the cat maybe knocking the ps4 pad. Another night my partner swore she felt something touch her leg under the duvet. Tonight, we have just come up to bed and there is a random red dummy on the floor in our bedroom. So odd!! I cannot feel any negative vibes or anything though. In my house growing up, I used to hear tapping like on a keyboard from the back corner of the room and a horrible negative energy and i used to leg it to bed. My best friend also left my house as she felt someone was staring at her.
Swainy87 - 27-May-19 @ 10:35 PM
In addition to my last comment, I flew to TX for a few days to be with fiancée, came back and my cat was completely wired up and crazy, I saw shadow people, heard muffled male voices and heard scratching on my bedroom wall. Could not sleep for 3 days. My bio father owned this land and built this house 51 yrs ago. When I was 11 my mom and dad divorced. As soon as my dad left, my mom moved another man in and they got house in divorce. My father was very bitter over this. Could this be my bio dad? Could this be my stepfather who really always hated me? He slept in this room with the paranormal activity prior to death, but thankfully died in hospital. Any responses welcome! UNSETTLED IN NC
SamanthaS - 15-May-19 @ 4:37 AM
My bf and I moved into my family home with my 78 year old mother about 2 yrs ago. The 1st year and a half was amazing, we got engaged, both with good jobs and helping my mom financially and physically. Over the past 3-4 months everyone’s persona and emotions have deteriorated with loud verbal outbursts by my fiancée that he doesn’t remember. We’ve both seen shadow figures in bedroom we sleep in. I have heard voices and when this began I was awakened by coins dropped on the dresser. Some more negative things have occurred since, which separated myself and fiancée unwillingly. During our phone conversation tonight I lost connection but he heard about 30sec of sound like record playing backwards. He told me on call back, thought was just my old phone. 45 min later a VM appeared from him 36sec long with same sounds. He never left me a voicemail. I know there’s a ghost here. We’ve also had electrical issues and animals responding to walls/ ceiling. I just want to know exactly who it is. If I knew it would explain a lot and I could get some kind of closer and settle it with the ghost. UNSETTLED IN NC
SamanthaS - 15-May-19 @ 4:24 AM
I've bought an ex local authority house 10 months ago. My parents have recently got a puppy that is 6 months old. She's been coming to my house when I look after since they got her. Everytime she's round, my main light in the lounge turns on slightly. The light is a dimmer light and is controlled by a touch pad 4ft off the floor and by a remote control. She's not been near any of these as they are out of reach to her but when she's in the lounge the lights turns on to around 20% percent of is power. This happens everytime she is in my house
MrS - 9-May-19 @ 8:29 PM
I am working in a care home, I’m not a believer in this sort of thing but the past few months have made me question everything. I’m at the point where I no longer wish to work there. It started off with the odd noise and bang, but has begun to escalate. If I was the only one experiencing this issue, I’d right it off as me but all four members of staff are having problem. We are hearing whispers coming from the corner of the staff, objects moving and the door locking by itself. We have vulnerable people in this building, and when the door locks we can not get to the room keys in an emergency quickly. I’m unwilling to go to the office with it until I’m 100% sure any help would accepted thanks
Tibb - 2-May-19 @ 3:07 AM
I saw my baby brother's toy tractor thingy move, like the tires. Then me and my sister saw my barbie car move, so i knew it was not just me (the tires of the barbie car moved not the whole thing), but they said it had a remote to it sooooooo, idk. My mom said when she was talking to my dad, she saw my baby brother's toothbrush fly across the room. My brother is not really worried about that stuff, so nothing happend to him. What do we do? We have a really bad family, everthing is negative. So, there is spirts living in my house? What can happen? Im only 11, im scared. But were moving in a year, so i guess thats good. But what if it moves with us too? Help
Lilah - 3-Apr-19 @ 1:30 AM
Our teenage neighbor took his life and he was a close friend of my mother. Months after his suicide, my dog started barking in our garage. It was strange because he was just staring the wall and the most weird Ive experienced when my dog run out of a sudden to me and it like she was hurt, she was crying like something hit her or scared her.... today and these past few weeks i hear objects minimally moving in our house especially at night. I also feel weird sleeping in my own bedroom, i had nightmares their and cant stop staring in my door like somethings was watching me. This is really strange because why did he cross our house and bother us.
Gaile - 15-Mar-19 @ 4:52 PM
Objects in my house keep getting moved into different places.my dog is barking a lot and following something around the room ,then when I recorded on my phone could here a man goading and tormenting my dog
Deavesy 25 - 9-Mar-19 @ 12:25 AM
My bedside table drawer flew across the floor with a Hugh thump where it landed the same side up, I have no explanation for this, is this a poltergeist? Look forward for some advice
Shell - 20-Jan-19 @ 6:13 PM
Last few months objects are being moved in my house been here 11 yrs but it has started late Summer batteries being taken out of remote control nowhere to be found then when watching tv they appear side by side in front of me on the floor . 2 weeks ago my coffee cup had been moved to the other side of the room and was standing up. Lost my glasses Wednesday turned house upside down all house spanking tidy goess out today comes home glasses are sitting on my settee dont know what is going on ? Plus yesterday it felt like I had a cold wet flannel on my left shoulder,can somebody help as I am getting upset now and dont know what to do. Thanx
Walkerette - 15-Dec-18 @ 11:09 PM
Last few months objects are being moved in my house been here 11 yrs but it has started late Summer batteries being taken out of remote control nowhere to be found then when watching tv they appear side by side in front of me on the floor . 2 weeks ago my coffee cup had been moved to the other side of the room and was standing up. Lost my glasses Wednesday turned house upside down all house spanking tidy goess out today comes home glasses are sitting on my settee dont know what is foing on can somebody help as I am getting upset now and dont know what to do. Thanx
Walkerette - 15-Dec-18 @ 11:05 PM
My Husband and I Brought a 2 family recovery home, the first Month was amazing cause we finally we became Homeowners.. until the month after everything changed and things started happening to me ?? I started seeing and feeling things that I've never image anyone would want , I see shadows and while I sleep at anytime of the day doesn't matter what time it's Hurting me and once I Open my eyes I see it go up the wall what is going on.. I've hear footsteps, I've hear breathing don't know what else too do I'm losing my mind .. Someone Help and explain why Me ??
Dimples - 4-Dec-18 @ 2:47 PM
My bf and I came home from work it was around 1:00am we played a movie called The Passion of the Christ in our bedroom (not from the beginning but halfway) we both felt conected with God through out the movie or emotional as the movie rolled, well the movie ended. Credits were showing and my boyfriend shouts at our 3 year old son "stop, go to sleep", right after he shouted at our son the mirror hanging in our closet door across the room slammed, so hard it kept swinging for a little.. we were all in bed confused scared out of our minds thinking that's impossible for it to do by itself.. it had to be slammed by someone, or something, i think we shaken a spirit or something with that movie. The movie is so strong! Since then when I'm by myself I sleep with my TV on.. I need to have the place blessed.
Josie - 11-Oct-18 @ 10:02 AM
My family and I have moved a lot over the years. Every house we go to has something representing hauntings. A common one is children giggling. A few others are footsteps, voices, and cups of all varieties (sippy cups, mugs, glass cups, etc.) being upright between the living room and kitchen. My, normally calm, Great Dane acts weirdly during the day but is fine by night. All occurrences happen in the day aswell. It has always followed my father and I’m scared on what’s going on, and what the spirit wants. The first incident he had with this was when he was in the army quarters (or somethin like that) that were built over Indian barrial grounds. The cup thing happened to him in that moment for the first time. What course of action should my family take?
Help - 3-Sep-18 @ 8:51 AM
My parents' bedroom is always so, so cold, a lot more than any part of the house, and it used to be my grandparents' room before they died (in a hospital, thankfully not in the house). The room is pretty dark being on the ground floor with big trees in front of the windows, though, so that could be the reason.
Omg - 27-Aug-18 @ 3:16 PM
My batter on my home has slowed down my heater has stopped in my room and my curtain had just fell and then my headphones fell of my table when nobody was in the room except me and I was well away from them ... help ??
Hana - 4-Aug-18 @ 12:03 AM
Just switched rooms with my relative 2 days ago. Than just tonight me and my wife experienced our clock that was battery operated had fell. Not only that the time was moved by itself it said 4:00. When earlierthat day it was the right time. This happened I went back to sleep around 2 AM but than the nail from the clock fell out the wall. Dont know why.
Mell - 23-May-18 @ 8:28 AM
I just walked into my kitchen and somehow a roll of paper towels was standing in the middle oof the kitchen floor upright. my mother is 90 and not doing well. what am i supposed to make of the roll of Bounty paper towels unraveled and standing up straight in the middle of my kitchen? How did it get there? whats the message?
jr - 19-Apr-18 @ 5:46 PM
Here in Detroit I have this house I inherited from my dad. And one night I came home to every object moving on it's own brushes standing up and dancing across the counter covers flapping on the bed by themselves fake nails dancing across the floor and my wife was by herself N heard tonights your night b##ch and the perfume bottle flew off the table onto the floor seen white figures walking down the hallway like this there house oh and my wife's Bluetooth headphones said sorry I can't find what your searching for but she has died when looking something up on google
Weezy - 18-Mar-18 @ 10:38 AM
I was dreaming of a black cloud over my head. I started praying and it went away.I then starting dreaming of 2 ladies blessing my house, one in each corner.I woke up, starting drinking my coffee and my husband asked me if I was dreaming. I told him it was more like a nightmare. He told me he heard 2 ladies talking and it was coming from our bedroom. He then realized that they didn't sound like me. I then told him about the 2 ladies blessing our home in a dream.
House visitor - 7-Mar-18 @ 10:05 PM
Me and my step mom where sitting on the couch and then the credits came up so we turned it off for a minute because we thought we heard something..... the we heard footsteps comeing torwords the bookshelve we thought that was so odd but then we heard a burp right next to us! We ran to the other couch.. then the stuff animal owl was facing the opposite direction and then e look and it staring right at is??????
Kylie - 17-Feb-18 @ 2:13 AM
It has been happening for a month now It is so scary
Go - 12-Feb-18 @ 4:45 PM
My sister did the 3am challenge and then the lights turned off and the door closed after a month things have been coming off nd on automatically
Sunii - 28-Jan-18 @ 10:14 PM
My grandad was into coin collecting and it's been years since he died but my phone keeps malfunctioning and then it would be fine but it only happens in my room and there used to be coins randomly appearing on the windowsill but hes a good spirit
Tobathene - 24-Jan-18 @ 9:33 PM
Today we was in the kitchen and there was a jar on the table and we saw it clearly slide across the table on its own. Also the other day I saw 2 figures standing at the bottom of my bed and I blinked and they were still there and I turned around and look after about 5 minutes and there was gone! I am scared I need some advice
Lucyfuzz - 17-Jan-18 @ 5:29 PM
About 2 years ago I heard something whisper in my ear it said he is in the water the day after I found out my cousin had drowned ?? Recently I have heard like someone tapping on a guitar string but no guitars around and a strange rapid tapping in my bedroom plus the other week I was woken up by 3 knocks on my bedroom door even my dog reacted. Today I have heard a cup move on my slate coasters but no cups in the room like I am used to hearing general noises in my flat but these are different.
Night owl - 4-Nov-17 @ 5:25 AM
Literacy, people, for God's sake: LITERACY!
Robob - 10-Feb-17 @ 11:37 AM
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